She wants to ride, now what do I do?

I’ve been riding for over thirty years. I thought the best days were behind me. I was getting ready to sell my 2005 Harley Davidson Electra-glide Standard for blue book. I wasn’t happy about it but thought that it made financial sense since I don’t ride like I used to. This is my tenth motorcycle and this one only has 7400 miles on it. In the biker world, I am committing a crime.img_0784
I spent the summer trying to sell it. I got a few offers but none serious. The ones that come from kids and scammers on apps like “LetGo” make you sour on selling.img_0620
But this summer I got a chance to go to San Francisco, California. Along the way we stumbled into the Arlen Ness shop where we talked motorcycles, history and the love of the ride. My wife, who has been indifferent to riding for almost twenty years jumped on the back of a Victory “2016 Vision” and said she loved it.


The bike is weird looking. Its futuristic. Its lines are reminiscent of a 57 Cadillac. It almost has wings along with every know accoutrement known to motorcycling. The Victory Vision Tour makes use of an air-/oil-cooled, SOHC, 106-inch V-twin featuring closed-loop fuel injection and an overdrive six-speed gearbox. Its split dual exhaust with crossover delivers a pleasing rumble, the engine producing 88 Hp and 105 pound-feet of torque on the CW Dyno.
This bike, with a 66-inch wheelbase, a robust alloy frame, and suspension featuring a 45mm fork and a single shock, has an impressive GVWR of 1,414 pounds. Triple disc brakes are linked rear to front with ABS offered standard in later models.
The seamlessly integrated side bags and trunk are weather-sealed and lockable, offering 29 gallons of secure storage. The trunk features a padded passenger backrest and audio speakers to complement fairing speakers. Additional luxury features include cruise control, heated grips, and a height-adjustable windscreen at the touch of a button. The Vision’s roomy riding position and long floorboards have won favor with taller riders while its 26.5-inch seat height is inviting to all. Least of which was my Mrs.
And then she says,

You should get this one.

So now, with a like new used Harley in the garage and no money I see the new 2017 limited edition, Magnum X-1. It has a customized look off the showroom and is what I would do to my Harley if I had the cash.img_0615
It has custom black billet wheels, featuring a 21-incher up front, black bodywork with detailed red pin-striping, an LED headlight claimed to be 74 percent brighter than the one on the Cross Country, and a music-maker, boom-box of serious note. The speakers also look great, matched in style and color to the bike; three in each side location up front, and two atop each bag. It’s basically a boom box on wheels that looks cool parked which is what a lot of us older riders tend to do these days.
The problem it seems is really about the use. If I want to continue to ride solo, on occasion which from the looks of my old bike was only when the weather condition was perfect and I was in the mood, my new Magnum X-1 might not get any use either. If I got the Vision Tour, I may have the company of my spousal unit, which is never a bad thing. And will be able to hit the highways in comfort but not necessarily style. Then again maybe the wings will grow on me. Either way it’s not a real problem. It’s a want and not a need.
Can you believe she wants to ride though? I never saw that coming.

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  1. If this is a serious article…….. post this and any questions over on the and watch the answers you get from all the Victory Vision owners. They are a very passionate bunch! You will be very happy with either the Vision or the Magnum. Best wishes on trying to resist buying a Victory. Ride one and you will own one. LOL

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