A few months ago I stumbled upon a story called the Starfish. It defined me. I was not called to pastor a mega church as a minister of the Gospel. I was Called to help one person at a time for as much time as I am given.

Over the years, individuals (now friends) that I have helped remind me of the differences I made in their lives. It just dawned on me, that I am where the Lord wants me. I don’t have to seek after anything more grandiose than to serve when I am called to do so.


I am an ordained Christian pastor. I am licensed to officiate Christian weddings in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia and everywhere that accepts my authority or license from those three entities.  See more…


A funeral is a process that allows us to wrestle with the process of death and grief. Some want the deceased to be memorialized traditionally and some at a gathering of friends and family that can express happier times. I have done both.

When I am called to preside at a funeral, I try to learn of the deceased from family before I start the service. I talk about life for the living. I remind those that are listening that is not too late for them to change their life. I emphasize the contributions, and acknowledge the loss.  See More …


The Vision

Have you ever had situation that screamed spiritual warfare?  When hells’ fires starts in your life, it’s best to put it out early before it consumes you and everything around you.  Being a believer in Christ doesn’t make you a immune to the evil in this world.  Bad stuff happens to good people.  We are all in one of three places according to my grandmother; “In trouble, coming out of trouble or heading to it.”

Many churches have become consumed with just keeping the mortgage paid, the lights on, the water running and salaries paid.  The Word of God has been watered down to almost nothing of value in many houses of worship.  Pastors have become entertainers, or worse.  Church attendance is down.  You are not the only one not attending regularly.  That number adds up.

This site is to bring the Spirit of God into your situation wherever you are.  We live in a mobile society now.  And sometimes you can’t wait till Sunday to get your prayer through.

My Calling is to minister to people like me.  I plan to stay true to myself on that.  No pretense here.

I plan to put the Messages I get from God for you here.  I won’t wait for special day to deliver it.  I plan to create events that help others and link them here.  I plan to minister to whomever needs it through all the online tools available.   We have a private conference line when we need to speak in groups.  I will also use it as a group prayer line.  We are using Facebook as a channel.

I have always wanted to own an old RV that I can use as a mobile office and will be saving for it.  I would like to get some tent revivals going after I do nationally.

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All the services of a pastor that I can manage will be provided here a la carte.

Please keep me in prayer that this stays in the Will of God.  I want it to be blessed.  Thank you and welcome.

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