Rev. Kenn Blanchard

I am an ordained independent pastor called by God to minister to others where they are. I am most comfortable with those that like the  outdoors  like the adventurer, biker, law enforcement, and the military believer. I often minister to men and seek to help fathers and the newly married find their way. I have officiated at over 17 weddings, most have been the destination type.

What I believe. (Statement of Faith)

I was baptized in 1971 at First Baptist Church of Highland Park (Landover, MD). I was licensed to preach the Gospel at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Washington, DC in 2001. I was the second pastor of Historic Berean Baptist Church in Washington, DC, where I was ordained in 2007. I served as pastor there served from 2006-2013.  It was one of the toughest jobs I ever had.


Welcome to this site.

I struggled with the name of the website for a minute.  I’ve been online since 2000 in some form or another.  I am still learning.  I have been in ministry almost as long and that too has evolved.

Early on this was In The Wilderness Ministries, Inc.  This was so named because I believe that we can hear from God easier in our ‘wilderness” experiences than any other.  He spoke to the prophets and biblical notables in the wilderness.

I lost the ITWM, URL but became the pastor of a church in Washington, DC where I maintained the website and worked there.  It was another learning opportunity for me.  I created Blanchard Chapel dot US for a spell after I left as well as the Maryland nonprofit called Blanchard Chapel and Outreach Ministries, LLC which host this site.  The chapel has worked with those contemplating suicide and living with depression.  It has inspired friends to return to God.

This is the newest website dedicated to serving God using the tools and gifts He has given me.  This is church without walls.

Next Steps...

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